In a press release, António Jorge Gonçalves says that "Desenhar do escuro", which comes out on 8 October in an author's edition, reproduces 82 of the approximately 300 drawings made in white pencil on several black-sheet notebooks, between 2020 and 2021.

Exploring a graphic language that was unprecedented for him, António Jorge Gonçalves recorded "urban landscapes, domestic cloisters, wandering through nature, an attentive selection of fragments in everyday life", with details that place it during the time of the pandemic.

António Jorge Gonçalves believes that "the best discoveries always happen by chance". He arrived at this project by joining two objects together that he had kept: A white pencil bought in Mexico and a small black notebook, which he bought out of curiosity in Lisbon.

"One day I realised: those pages are a dark room, they need to be lit to reveal what's inside. And the white pencil could be my candle," he said.

About "Desenhar do dark", António Jorge Gonçalves will tour several cities, presenting the book in a 'masterclass' format, starting on 29 September in Covilhã.

Until the beginning of December, presentations are scheduled in Lisbon, Funchal, Sintra, Guimarães, Loulé, Leiria, Lagos, Porto, Coimbra, Braga and Almada.