According to the group and the company, the new hospital, which is scheduled to open in the last quarter of 2023, will "directly impact 120,000 people in the area".

The hospital will have "an advanced diagnosis centre and state-of-the-art technology for the minimally invasive intervention areas, capable of responding to acute and chronic patients".

The project also includes a Residential Structure for Elderly People, with 80 beds.

The hospital “intends to become a private healthcare unit of excellence” and “a private reference provider in areas such as cardiology and oncology”.

“Residents in Beja and Baixo Alentejo have the same needs as those in Lisbon or Porto and we will be here to serve them”, says the executive director of the Empirica group, Francisco Miranda Duarte.

The Hospital Privado do Alentejo “is the first step in the expansion plan” of Empirica, who is the promoter and manager of the Alentejo unit.

According to Francisco Miranda Duarte, the group's hospitals, such as the Hospital Privado do Alentejo, “will be the first designed in a post-Covid-19 era to be implemented in Portugal”.

Therefore, he stresses, "they incorporate the essential aspects of a new care reality and the demand for health care, including the displacement whenever possible of the provision of care closer to the patient".

For example, patients with heart disease will be monitored 24 hours a day, "in the comfort of their own home", with families or caregivers, he says.

The group also wants to create “a highly technological and digital environment, capable of guaranteeing the integration of all clinical information through interoperability between all departmental information systems”.