According to the survey, commissioned by the European Parliament as part of the State of the Union speech, 87 percent of Portuguese agree and tend to agree that the benefits of the vaccine outweigh its risks, the highest value of the 27 Member States and 15 points above the EU average (72 percent).

Of respondents in Portugal 54 percent agree or tend to agree (32 percent) that being vaccinated against Covid-19 is “a civic duty”, also the highest number of positive responses among Member States.

The vast majority of Portuguese (82 percent) are satisfied (58 percent) or very satisfied (24 percent) with the way the Government managed the vaccination strategy (EU 50 percent).

Asked about the EU's management of the vaccination strategy, 84 percent of the Portuguese are satisfied (69 percent) or very satisfied (15 percent) and 89 percent agree (36 percent) and tend to agree (53 percent) that the EU is playing a key role in ensuring access to Covid-19 vaccines in Portugal, with EU averages of 49 percent and 64 percent respectively.

The survey was conducted 'online' by Ipsos European Public Affairs between 17 and 25 August 2021, with 26,459 respondents aged 15 and over in all 27 Member States.

The sample size is composed of 500 interviews in Luxembourg, Cyprus and Malta and a thousand in other European countries.