The new Hilton hotel is a five star hotel, with 194 rooms and 'suites' and is located on Rua de Serpa Pinto, in Vila Nova de Gaia, district of Porto, following “intensive and careful work to refurbish old Port wine warehouses”, said Paulo Almeida, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sabersal, Promotion of Tourism and Real Estate.

The new Hilton Porto Gaia will create more than 100 direct and indirect jobs, “actively contributing to the dynamisation of local economies (in the cities of Porto and Gaia) and the region (in the North of Portugal), said the promoters.

According to the general director of Hilton Porto Gaia, Mónica Gonçalves, the new hotel covers a total of 32,000 square meters (m2) and will focus on business tourism.

The group is aware of the challenges that the current context of the pandemic imposes, but it believes in the “huge added value” that the new Hilton Porto Gaia will bring to the Porto-Gaia axis.

“Our idea is to see these two cities together, because our main objective is to bring big events. We [Hilton Porto Gaia] are the meeting point, we are the reception. We want authenticity. We want the communities of Porto and Gaia and the country to see what good things we have to offer”.

The group says that the hotel wants "to be part of a strong collective capable of competing at the highest level on the international scene, whether in leisure tourism or in attracting major events to the region."