I have had bladder cancer and had it removed by laser in the UK before I came to Portugal, and have to get checked once a year to make sure the cancer has not returned .

I went to the CDS in January and had an ultrasound arranged by my doctor, and was told that it’s not 100% accurate, and for me it would be better if I had a camera examination to be sure that the cancer has not come back. This is not done on the NHS here in Portugal so I went and had it done privately. On the photos taken of my bladder, there were a few red spots that needed a biopsy done because it might be the return of cancer.

I went back to the doctors at the CDS and told an urgent appointment will made for me at Faro Hospital and would take 92 days which was I thought very good with Covid.

But after 92 days no appointment, I went back to see the doctor and was told that no appointment had been made and to phone the hospital myself to chase up for the urgent appointment. The doctor said that he had requested an appointment and that’s all he could do for me.

I have tried to do this but can never get any further than the call being answered by the Hospital switchboard then put through to another extension number which is never answered and then I get cut off.

I think the NHS is very good here in Portugal and have the highest regard for them but despair that I might have the start of cancer back again and still I cannot get an urgent appointment.

Has anyone had the same happen and how did they get an urgent appointment ? Can any reader help?

Alan Munday,

By email