I recently interviewed local author John Reid about the book The Auction and thoroughly enjoyed reading the Steve Burt Mystery book.

In this book there are a series of identical murders. Although it appears both victims were shot, no bullets were found during the postmortem. This seems like a case that cannot be solved and that is where DCI Steve Burt steps in with his team to investigate.

As with any crime story greed, corruption and mystery follow. Along the way we get to meet a retired army major and a WW2 veteran.

The author John lives in Lagos with his wife and he is working on his eighth book of the series. John works with the charity SENSE. They support people with complex disabilities. The charity will receive a percentage of royalties from not only this book but the entire Steve Burt series, so that alone is a worthy reason to purchase the book.

I enjoyed reading the book and found it hard to put down.I like the fact that the ending is not so obvious and was engaged right to the last page. The main character is flawed but you still find yourself intrigued and rooting for him.

This is a must read for any crime fiction fan and I can easily see this and the previous book turned into a TV series.

For more information or to purchase a copy of the book, please visit www.steve-burt.com