For Francisco George, Fernando Nobre's position “is absolutely intolerable”, considering that it reflects “incomprehensible attitudes that a doctor cannot have”.

“I recently saw an address circulating on the [social] networks by the president of the (non-governmental organisation) AMI (International Medical Assistance), Fernando Nobre, who claims to be a doctor and is absolutely against vaccines, in a tone that a doctor cannot adopt”, said the Public Health specialist, in statements to Lusa agency.

Francisco George said that Fernando Nobre “does not talk about vaccination, he talks about injections, he says he does not accept that his granddaughter is injected, he does not accept that his children are injected, he does not accept that the Portuguese are injected”.

For Francisco George, Fernando Nobre is wrong: “If he were right, we would still be in the time of smallpox”.

Francisco George criticised the founder of AMI for conveying "publicly transmitted information in a misleading manner".

"We cannot deceive the population, especially showing up as a doctor and saying 'I don't recommend the vaccine, I didn't have the vaccine, I don't give it to my children, I'm not going to inject my granddaughter. This is not acceptable because it has no scientific basis”, he declared.

Faced with this situation, Francisco George said that he would like to invite Fernando Nobre to a debate, commenting that he does not know if "he has notions of Medicine, Biology, Epidemiology, infectious diseases" when wanting to prevent, "as he says", ' injecting the Portuguese'.

“When all children are born, a few minutes later they are injected with a vaccine [Hepatitis B], which is the vaccine that is made in Portugal and around the world”, he explained.

The former director-general of Health stated that he would like to understand in the debate with Fernando Nobre this association with denial movements and if “your grandson, your granddaughter were not injected at birth with the vaccine against liver cancer”.

Fernando Nobre is the founder and president of International Medical Assistance (AMI), he was a candidate for the Presidency of the Republic in 2010 and elected deputy for the PSD in the 2011 legislatives, having resigned from the mandate a month later, after failing to be elected president of parliament.

On October 22, 2020, the doctor appealed to deputies to vote against the obligation to wear a mask in the street, claiming that fundamental rights and freedoms were at stake in a subject that did not meet scientific consensus.

In his intervention at the demonstration, Fernando Nobre considered it "unbelievable" to vaccinate children and young people aged 12 to 16 and said that he treated himself, as well as his wife and daughter, with medications that are not recommended for covid-19.

Today, the Ordem dos Médicos opened disciplinary proceedings against Fernando Nobre, following a complaint about the statements he made in a demonstration about covid-19 pandemic.