“Attracting young people to the profession will not be possible without concrete measures”, defended the National Federation of Teachers, in a statement.

On Tuesday, the union structure said that in the second week of the school year more than a thousand teachers are still missing in schools, repeating the problems of classes without teachers.

“The trend these days has not been towards a reduction, but towards an increase in the number of unfilled hours”, indicated the same source.

According to data collected on Tuesday at the end of the day by Fenprof unions, there are a total of 1,855 hours on offer for hiring in schools.

Hours corresponding to recruitment groups with at least eight hours (not filled by the recruitment reserve) are 1,517, according to figures released by Fenprof.

Doing the math for the hours to be filled in schools, Fenprof reached a total of 101,500 students who still won't have all the teachers.

"Thus, it is confirmed that the option to hire for a school does not solve the problem of the lack of teachers and that this does not have such an irrelevant dimension as some would have us believe", denounced the union structure, reiterating the need for concrete measures, as incentives for the displacement and retention of teachers, to deal with a problem that they consider serious.