For families, arguably one of the most important of these considerations will be their child’s education.

Consistency is key when it comes to a child’s education, therefore, for expat families, it’s important that any disruption is minimised as much as possible. This includes balancing studying while traveling or settling into a new home abroad.

Additionally, expats need to consider the different education systems provided around the world, and the varying quality of teaching, resources available and pupil outcomes. To digest this information and ensure the most effective educational pathway suited to their needs is chosen, it’s vital parents are aware of all the options available to them.

One of these options is online schooling – a flexible and immersive way for students to learn in a modern and engaging environment. This form of education has been strengthened through the pandemic, demonstrating its effectiveness in providing structure and continuity for students and teachers alike.

InterHigh is a leading independent British international online school that allows education to be moulded around each student’s needs and wider lifestyle. Founded in 2005, we offer primary, secondary and sixth form education for all students aged seven to 19. Our lessons and extra-curricular activities foster key skills that will help students prepare for today’s world, including empathy, resilience, international mindedness, and digital literacy.

We offer IGCSEs and A Levels while abiding by the UK Independent School standards, with lessons taught by fully qualified and experienced UK teachers. Our range of subjects, activities and support are the ideal solution for the varying needs of relocating and expat families.

Online education can support the needs of many as it avoids the need to dip in and out of different schools as families move, which would otherwise disrupt the learning process. Students have access to flexible timetables, high-quality live and recorded lessons and secure social platforms at InterHigh. All of this means students from across the world can connect, work together and thrive, irrespective of time zones.

Enrolment is also flexible; some families use our services for the whole duration of their child’s education, while others join for short-term periods or just for select subjects. These differences reflect a variety of preferences and needs. Some families need support while travelling, while others use InterHigh to offer their child the opportunity to learn a subject that isn’t available at their physical school.

Online schooling can also be an attractive “add-on” for those families considering or already attending international schools as it can help provide greater opportunities. For example, this could be beneficial for families needing to travel throughout the year to provide short-term continuity, or it can be used to enhance a school’s offer by way of additional subjects, teachers and learning opportunities.

Children coming from overseas to a new school often come with an expectation to continue studying subjects from their previous school. InterHigh can help with this by offering a broader range of subjects including IGCSE curriculum areas such as certain music specialisms or any number of languages from Cantonese to Cajun French.

The flexibility of online schooling also means that if an international school doesn’t have a teacher in place to offer any area of the curriculum, students can ‘attend’ InterHigh remotely, just for this subject. This collaborative approach demonstrates a significant amount of flexibility and breadth of subjects, which can be a highly attractive option to many families. In essence, online schools become a powerful extension to an international school and their learning offer.

We pride ourselves on not only enhancing academic opportunities, but also championing strong pastoral and wellbeing support, particularly as students experience and manage change in other aspects of their lives while moving or travelling. Students can benefit from 1:1 guidance and advice from tutors. Parents and mentors also have 24-hour access to attendance data, reports, and communications through our virtual platform. We believe a happy and satisfied student is significantly more likely to reach their full potential.

This isn’t just a hunch, InterHigh students have proven this. Our alumni have achieved impressive feats, in part by virtue of being able to schedule their education around their interests and careers. Many of our students are aspiring sports and acting professionals, making it even more important for them to have a flexible way to study.

We are committed to every single student in our community. We work with each one to develop their potential, harness their interests and help them recognise future opportunities and pathways, whatever they may be. As a result, we consistently achieve outstanding results for a non-selective online school.

For however long you decide to join us, you can guarantee quality and consistent education no matter your location or lifestyle.

We’d love to welcome you to our community! Enrolling your child into InterHigh will ensure that they have continuity, stability, and flexibility. To discover more, or to discuss admissions and study options, visit: