Speaking to journalists, in Pátio da Galé, in Lisbon, where he went to greet Fernando Medina, António Costa considered that the outgoing mayor of Lisbon City Hall assumed "with full dignity and directness" his defeat in Sunday's local elections.

António Costa lamented the result obtained by the coalition in Lisbon, noting: "As everyone knows, it was an unexpected defeat, there was no indicator pointing to this result, but democracy is just the same."

In his opinion, "there is one thing that is clear, it was the will of the people of Lisbon, the people of Lisbon wanted to change".

"If I feel frustration, of course I do, it is clear that yes, this is indisputable", said the PS secretary general and prime minister - who presided over the Lisbon City Council between 2007 and 2015, when he left the government of the municipal executive to Fernando Medina, until then its vice president.

"As is well known, I have a particular connection to the city, not only because I live here, but because I had the opportunity in 2007 to win this chamber back for the PS and started a cycle of governance that has lasted until today".

The PS secretary general wished the social democrat Carlos Moedas, who headed a coalition between the PSD, CDS-PP, Aliança, MPT and PPM, "the greatest happiness and successes in the governance of this city, which is a wonderful city", showing he is convinced that "surely he will also do his best to take care of her and take care of her development and take care of the people of Lisbon".