No pain no gain. This proverb is not always right. When we think about lymphatic drainage, the first thought that comes to mind is that the pressure on the skin will be very strong, almost painful. However, using the Vodder method, lymphatic drainage does not have to be painful.

According to David Coelho and Silvia Duarte, Villa Prana managers: “With the western lymphatic drainage, Vodder method, and the [Comfort Zone] protocol, the approach is very gentle, but it will work on the lymph with wonderful effects”.

In short, lymphatic drainage is a massage on the skin that helps to stimulate movement of lymph fluid out of the part of the body which is swollen, focused on the lymph vessels to promote the flow of lymph fluid. This technique created by Vodder is based on the use of gentle, slow and repetitive pressure movements.

Benefits of this technique

Lymphatic drainage massage has several benefits. From stimulating the lymphatic and immune system to reducing swelling and water retention. In addition, it relieves tired legs, detoxifies the body and works very well for people who are recovering from surgery.

Samantha, a Villa Prana client, who has completed ten sessions of Lymphatic Drainage, told The Portugal News that she is happy with the result. After the treatment, she would like to continue with the massages because she really enjoyed it: “the way it is - very nice and soft – is addictive!”

“Lymphatic drainage massage is really good for your self-esteem,as you notice results and changes quite quickly,” Samantha said.

“Before I started going to treatments and massages, I didn’t feel very comfortable with myself, I didn’t want anyone to really look at me or to call attention to myself, but when I do these massages I basically just lay down there and, although I’ve got no clothes on, it doesn’t feel like anyone is looking at me or judging me. Actually, it feels like they are really trying to help me. I’ve never felt self-conscious when I’m at Villa Prana.”

Empathy is essential for the treatment to succeed. “We take care of each persons needs to guide the client, but above all there is something very important - which is to have good therapists, with the know how to perform such a technique,” said David and Silvia.

Lymphatic drainage isn’t a miracle!

According to the managers, it is very important that those who start doing these massages are open-minded enough to change their lifestyle. “People often want quick results, but sometimes they don’t want to do anything to change their bad habits,” they told The Portugal News.

Samantha, who has made a commitment to a new healthier lifestyle, has noticed big differences. “However, it’s not a miracle. You have to do exercise and eat well, there is no point in going for lymphatic massage to feel that you’ve done something good and then go to McDonalds on the way home, because you are literally are just putting back in things that block your lymphatic system again,” she said.

Villa Prana, based in Portimão, combines a Holistic Centre with a Guest House. It was created by David and Silvia six years ago in a project that aims to reach everyone looking for complementary therapies to have a healthier lifestyle.

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