It is important to ensure that "the price that companies pay to producers is increasingly higher, to allow farmers to have better living conditions and have greater motivation to treat their vineyards well, and produce a better product," said the Secretary of State for Agriculture and Rural Development, Rui Martinho.

“This will allows us to improve quality and, with this process, project the image of Portuguese wines and sparkling wines in general”, he said.

"We want to position ourselves so that, in the national market" and "especially in the international market, we can take advantage of these opportunities that present us and create value for the regions, for companies and for farmers", he added.

Rui Martinho highlighted that in recent years, Portugal “has been extraordinarily improving its image” in regard to wine production, as the country has been able to “export more and more” and has “managed to create more value”.

“Not only do we export more” but “what we export is paid at a higher value, we are creating more value”, he said.

The Secretary of State for Agriculture and Rural Development added that, with regard to sparkling wine, “exports do not have the weight that we would like them to have”.