Visit a winery

Wine from the Algarve has been going from strength to strength in recent years with new wineries opening up and awards being heaped on local producers. Take a look behind the scenes of one of the many wineries in the region with a tour which will almost always include a tasting session and also a chance to snap up a case or two directly from the producers. There are wine tours available across the region while there is also the opportunity to stay overnight at some of the farms for a fully immersive experience.

Go deeper underground

It doesn’t matter what the weather is like when you are visiting the Mina Sal Gema salt mine in Loulé because you are over 200 metres below ground! You need to book your tour before arriving at this unique attraction in the Algarve, with each tour involving descending down into the mine before exploring some of the 45 kilometres of corridors that make up this incredible site. Guides are multilingual and will share information about the history and workings of this amazing attraction that many don’t even realise is there.

Soak up the history

On a wet day, why not head inside to some of the region’s museums? There are many different museums dotted all along the coast and while they may not be big, they are all very interesting and offer something new to learn. One of the most popular museums in the Algarve must be the Portimão museum, it is easy to spot with its iconic black and white façade and is located in the canning factory. Here you can learn about the history of the Algarve going back to ancient times and a lot about the canning industry that was instrumental in the development of the region.

Shop till you drop

The Algarve is home to a wealth of shopping centres, two of the biggest being Aqua Shopping in Portimão and MAR Shopping near Loulé and the junction off the A22 to Faro airport. These shopping centres, along with the majority of the others, have national and international brands and a wide choice of variety as well as a large supermarket in each. If you are looking for something a little different then head into the centre of towns to browse the independent boutiques, selling everything from traditional Portuguese handicrafts to modern designer clothes.

Take a gamble

There are three casinos in the Algarve, in Monte Gordo, Vilamoura and in Praia da Rocha in Portimão, and they have long been a favourite place to visit for people visiting the region who are looking for something a little different to experience away from the beach and the sunshine, which makes them an ideal place for a wet day! It is not all just about the gambling here, although they are of course great places for this, here you can also enjoy a show, dinner and an environment of glitz and glamour. Before you head off, check to see which show is on and the starting times so you don’t miss the start!

Delve into the art world

You don’t have to be an art aficionado to visit one of the numerous art galleries in the region. Art galleries in the Algarve are welcoming places that are usually located in unique locations such as in the old winery in Lagoa or in the beautiful Côrte Real gallery located in the countryside just north of Boliqueime. Take your time to browse around and if something takes your fancy then someone will be on hand to provide more information or to help arrange shipping. If you plan your route well then you can incorporate several galleries into a single day trip while also exploring the region at the same time.

Take a spa day

Why not take the opportunity of a wet day to truly pamper yourself at one of the many excellent spas in the Algarve. Most large resorts and hotels have their very own spa on site but there are also spas in other locations to pick from. Whether you are looking for a massage or a relaxing treatment, to experience an alternative therapy or simply want to leave feeling radiant and glowing you will find spa treatments to suit all of your needs in the Algarve.

Getting to the Algarve to enjoy all that it offers, whatever the weather, has never been easier with flight times from most major northern European cities coming in at around only three hours. There are regular flights throughout the week to Faro airport in the Algarve, including from Munich with Lufthansa, from Frankfurt with either Lufthansa or Ryanair and from Dusseldorf with Eurowings or Ryanair.