Furthermore, new trends are being adopted by villa owners everywhere to meet guests ever changing expectations. It’s important to keep up with this to really stand out from the crowd.

In step number 5 of our ‘ten steps to villa rental success’ series, we spoke about the importance of learning and adapting to improve your villa rental offering. Being attentive goes beyond just improving the villa itself, but how you interact and respond to what guests are looking for. So, ‘being attentive’ is number 8 in our success series!

After over a year of travel restrictions, tourists are eager to explore the Algarve once more. Because of this, it’s important to be attentive to every question, concern and travel trend there is out there. Sometimes it means having to quickly change the way things are done, being more flexible and open to changes that will draw the guests attention.

Being attentive means being flexible

Consistent communication was the foundation of everything we did throughout the pandemic, both with clients and within the team. We realised from our many conversations with guests that we had to be flexible to attend to their needs and questions.

So, working closely with our owners, we developed our ‘book with confidence’ pledge, so that guests were clear on terms throughout all of the travel uncertainty. Our travel FAQs were constantly updated and shared with our clients to reflect the latest developments, which allowed them to digest all changes in a clear way.

Finally, should there be any last minute changes, we immediately devised discounts that worked for our owners and still secured them rental income. This flexibility allowed us to be more attentive both to guests and to villa owners, ensuring things continued to run as smoothly as possible.

There are always new trends to explore

In step number 4, ‘be innovative’, we spoke about the rise of longer stays and in-villa experiences. Since then, there has been yet another trend discussed in the travel world. What initially looked like just another buzzword, ‘workations’ are actually seeing huge interest from guests.

In fact, a SandyBlue villa recently hosted a team of 6 from a company in the UK, who used the opportunity to work on important projects while growing more productive as a team! With more people considering a workation, it means being attentive to what the villa can offer them. Fast Wi-Fi, fully equipped kitchens and bedroom space will be high on the priority list - our regular property checks are done for this very reason.

Forward planning is key

As we look ahead, we understand that to be attentive at all times requires plenty of forward planning. Now that travel is open, we are being attentive to what our villa owners want the next year to look like for their properties. Marketing campaigns are already in the planning stage, we’re welcoming new villa specialists and our hopes are high for the year ahead!

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