According to a press release, the measures currently adopted for the wine sector include additional support for risk management instruments, including crop insurance and mutual funds, as well as an extension for another year, until October 15, 2022 , of the period of validity of the flexibility measures in force.

In the fruit and vegetables sector, support to producer organizations – normally calculated on the basis of the production value – will be compensated so as not to be less than 85% of the value corresponding to the previous year.

The flexibility measures for the wine sector include, among others, crisis distillation and storage aid, as well as the increase to up to 70% of the European Union contribution to all measures of the national support programs for the sector.

A first package of measures to help farmers face the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic was adopted in May 2020, having been complemented by a second, in July 2020, aimed at the wine sector, with the period of validity of both has been further extended to 2021.

“From spring frosts to floods, passing through heat waves, the extreme weather conditions recorded this year have been particularly harsh for the wine, fruit and vegetable sectors, this after a 2020 already problematic due to the crisis caused by Covid. -19”, stressed the European Commissioner for Agriculture, Janusz Wojciechowski.