The now former CTP commander, João Fonseca, highlighted the “downward trend” of the crime of domestic violence in all indicators and “with less serious consequences for the victims”.

"The excellence of the relationship between the Judiciary Authorities and the GNR, in particular with the Investigation and Support Centers for Specific Victims (NIAVE), has allowed us to signal, diagnose and act in a timely manner, as the significant increase in the number of weapons seized seems to prove”, he said.

During the first three quarters of 2021, João Fonseca said, that territorial command registered a “slight increase in road accidents”, but with “less serious consequences”.

There was also a “reduction in the number of fires, a reduction in the area burned by about 50% and a substantial increase in the capacity to investigate the causes” of fires.

As for 2020, João Fonseca revealed the existence of 91,837 patrolling actions and that more than four million kilometres were covered, with 5,646 actions having been carried out, for a target audience of 35,385 people, related to the Criminal Prevention and Community Policing Sections.

Within the scope of criminal activity, 19,980 crimes were registered and 2,901 arrests were made.