Working with the seven rays on a daily basis focusing on the Ray that is amplified on the specific day will help you in a most profound way balance the energies of the seven rays in each one of your chakras.

Note: A chakra is an energy centre within the body that means “wheel” in Sanskrit. When all our chakras are open, energy runs through them freely, between our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

The seven sacred flames are associated with the seven chakra points on the body.

The Yellow Illumination Ray is associated with the Crown chakra on top on the head, The Green Healing Ray is associated with the third eye chakra in the middle of the forehead and The Blue Will of God Ray is associated with the throat chakra. The Pink Ray of Unconditional Love is associated with the heart chakra in the middle of the chest, the Golden Ray of Resurrection is associated with the solar plexus chakra, the Violet Flame is associated with the sacral chakra about 2 centimetres below the belly button and the White Ascension Ray is associated with the base or root chakra that is located at the base of the spine.

Wednesday, the Emerald Green Ray of the Divine Flame of Healing, Precipitation and Abundance is amplified.

Focus on the energies of divine healing in all aspects of your life. This is a balancing and soothing energy that will assist you to align the many distortions you have created in your lives. Invoke and visualize this radiant green liquid healing light blazing through all areas where transformation is needed. The Green Ray also governs the laws of abundance and prosperity. Also invoke the emerald green Flame to pave the way for the manifestation and precipitation of all your physical and spiritual desires.

Thursday, the Golden Ray of the Resurrection Flame is amplified.

Focus on the energies of this Flame for the resurrection and restoration of your inherited divinity. You are a divine being experiencing human life and learning from it. Because you have strayed in consciousness, your divinity has been veiled. As you invoke and merge with the purple and gold energies of the Resurrection Flame, you will start resurrecting all the gifts and attributes of your divinity. Along with the Violet Flame, this wondrous flame prepares you for the final ritual of Ascension, which is the main purpose for your many incarnations on this planet.

Friday, the Pure Dazzling White Ray of Purity of the Ascension Flame is amplified.

Ascension is the alchemical marriage or divine union of your human-self with your I AM Presence through the process of purification of all misqualification of God's energy throughout your many incarnations. Focus on purifying and clearing all negativity, false beliefs, poor attitudes and habits blocking the manifestation of your spiritual mastery. Fill your auric field and every cell of your physical, mental, emotional and etheric bodies with this pure-white dazzling Ascension Flame. In your meditation, do this with all the rays. It is essential for your spiritual progress.

Saturday, the Penetrating Violet Ray of Transmutation and Freedom is amplified.

On Saturday, focus on the many tones and frequencies of the Violet Ray which is most magical. The Violet Flame brings the frequency of change, alchemy, freedom from limitations, royalty, diplomacy, comfort and much more. As you fill your auric field and your heart with the wonders of this Flame, its frequency will start clearing from your life the obstacles and karma that are obstructing the way to the realization of your mastery. Use the Violet Fire as much as you can each day, but especially on Saturday when this ray is amplified in a greater way, and it will serve you well.

Summary [Picture Adama]

As you see, my dear friends, all of the rays are important. None of them can be neglected nor put aside. They all work together in perfect harmony to assist the restoration of your soul and your lost paradise. Self-realization and God-mastery come from the diligent application of these Flames. You are the "responsible" architect of your life. These immortal and eternal Flames of God will work for you as you work with them. No one can interfere with your free will and no one can do it for you. Spiritual progress is brought forth as the result of daily application of God's Laws, God's energies through the seven main rays, and the clearing of one's karma and emotional body.

Each day, it is most important that you set time aside to do your spiritual work. Invoking the Sacred Flames and their attributes opens the channels to receive deeper understanding of cosmic laws. Breathe, invoke and fill yourself with these wondrous energies. In your meditation, connect with the energy of these Flames as you contact your Divine Essence and your guides, diligently applying what is shown to you. Seek to lift the veil of mortal illusions and reconnect with the magic and power of the original intent of God for your eternal journey into greater purpose and destiny. Our assistance is also available to you for the asking; a simple prayer request from your heart brings us into your forcefield instantly in answer to your call.

From The Book “The Seven Sacred Flames” by Aurelia Louise Jones.

If you would like to know more please visit the website below where you can also purchase the book.

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In 2011, I came across a book that changed my life. And since then, I have been using social media to spread the words of many Spiritual Masters through the books written by their Channel, Aurelia Louis Jones. These messages that the Masters have sent through their channels were intended to help us to cope with all the changes happening in our world around us.

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