The New Shepard rocket lifted off from Blue Origins Launch Site one in West Texas, USA. On board along with Shatner were two paying customers, Chris Boshuizen a former NASA engineer and co-founder of the satellite company Planet Labs, as well as Glen de Vries, co-founder of software company Medidata. Also on board was Audrey Powers, the vice president of flight operations at Blue Origin.

The sub-orbital flight lasted about 11 minutes in total. The rocket climbed to an altitude of 100 kilometres, crossing the boundary into space where the capsule separated from the booster section of the rocket. The passengers had a few minutes to unstrap and enjoy the view and float around in micro gravity.

The booster rocket then returned to earth to make a successful landing, to be used again on a future flight. The capsule returned shortly after drifting back to Texas on 3 large parachutes.

Before the flight Shatner said “I’ve heard about space for a long time now. I’m taking the opportunity to see it for myself. What a miracle.” at 90 years old he has become the oldest person to travel into space.

After the flight he said "everyone needs to do this" and it was "unbelievable" and found "it was so moving"