Since Brexit and the EU changes in VAT collection I now can’t buy my raw materials from out of the EU with the exception of China

I was just looking at my invoice from Etsy who is an IOSS company and the purpose of paying taxes at source with them is so that your packages clears its final destination without any hitches. So to my surprise Etsy had charged me £16.77 in taxes, and CTT then charged me €28.19 in taxes. So taxes in total:

£40.69 with exchange rates to gbp

€47.96 with exchange rates to euros

I hadn’t actually totalled them up, the goods I bought only totalled £65.70 so that makes the taxes around 66%.

Its quiet obvious that CTT is pricing Portugal out of the market to buy goods outside of the EU except China.

More and more Etsy traders are now not selling and shipping to Portugal. Traders I used no longer will ship me my raw materials.

Disgraceful doesn’t even begin to describe these charges.

Also CTT now no longer accepts emails from residences in Portugal, so you can’t even email to complain.

Linda, By email