The Liberal Initiative has said that "the entire left" is responsible for the current situation and that the 'gimmick' has run out "in its own contradictions", appealing to the Portuguese not to be afraid to choose a new path in elections.

“This debate on the State Budget in general is coming to an end. A budget that, in a few hours, will be failed, paving the way for new elections. The Liberal Initiative wants to direct this intervention to those Portuguese who may face this moment with apprehension”, stated the only liberal deputy, João Cotrim Figueiredo, at the closing of the OE2022 debate.

From the perspective of the Liberal Initiative, despite having already begun to witness “the depressing spectacle of passing blame among those who disagree with the 'gimmick'”, the “Portuguese people will not be fooled by this manoeuver of disaccountability”.

“It is the left, all of it, that is responsible for this situation. We want to say to these Portuguese people that the elections that will take place are also an opportunity to penalize those who behave like that and will be an opportunity to choose a new course for the country and choose it now”, he challenged.

João Cotrim Figueiredo also defended that the current situation is due to the fact that the 'gimmick' has exhausted itself “in its own contradictions”.

“To these Portuguese we want to say, with confidence and clarity, that they should not be afraid of the fact that they will have an opportunity to decide the political path they want to follow from now on. For the good of the country, it has to be said, a better path is possible”, he reiterated.

“Portugal cannot continue to be stagnant and without growth. Portugal cannot be held hostage by communists, blocists or other extremists. Portugal cannot continue to feed this socialist model of dependence on the state”, he defended.

From the perspective of liberals, “Portugal has to change course”.