Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa said that the State Budget for 2022 was “designed to define a horizon of four and a half years”.

However, he noted, when presenting the document, the prime minister, António Costa, chose to take “urgent measures”, which have already been enacted by the head of state.

“The Budget itself is a framework for four and a half years. Now, there are urgent and immediate measures and I enacted them - for families, companies, for specific fishing sector, for companies that have a very intense use of natural gas and also, of energy conversion for renewable energies”, he said.

On whether to classify the OE as an austerity budget, the President of the Republic said that the war in Ukraine implies “sacrifices” in Portugal and in the world.

“War has its own effects on the war economy. While it lasts, it has effects. This entails some sacrifices,” he declared.