A recent study has shown that 28% of the EU’s working-class people cannot afford to go on a holiday, making student life your best chance to explore the world. If your attendance allows it and there is no deadline approaching, you need to visit these three destinations in the UK.


With a population of less than 600,000, Cornwall is the Southernmost county of England, south of Plymouth. It is characterized by expansive wild moorland and hundreds of sandy beaches. It is the perfect place to escape from the nerve-wracking routine of college and praise nature in its absolute purity.

When to Visit Cornwall?

If you are a party person, Summer is the perfect time to visit Cornwall. It is the season when the beaches are alive, and the nightlife is at its peak. The end of the summer season often sees the Boardmasters Festival. It is full of surfing, skateboarding, and music performances from notable local and international stars.

However, if you are a budget traveler, or want solitude, opt for the very beginning or end of the holiday season. In this season, you can rent apartments easily and even get an RV to explore the area and live in.

Attractions in Cornwall

Whether you are a history student or biology researcher, Cornwall has something for everyone. If you don’t want to do anything related to your major, the beaches always welcome weary travelers.

Bodmin Jail

This jail was built in the 18th century to contain the most dangerous criminals but is now a major tourist attraction. You can look at cool taking Insta-worthy pictures here, but to live the soul of this place, book the overnight experience. You’ll be served a three-course meal and LOCKED UP for the whole night.

The Eden Project

It is the largest indoor rainforest in the world and one of the most ambitious projects of biology. Just a few miles from St. Austell, The Eden consists of two massive biomes containing everything from Mediterranean plants to Brazilian rainforests.

Museum of Witchcraft and Magic

If magic is what you like, visit the largest collection of witchcraft in this museum near Boscastle on the Northern Cornish Coast. To get the most out of this experience, visit during one of the candle-lit evenings.


Home to The Beatles and FC Liverpool, this is a maritime city in the northwest of England. It has been a key trade port for England from the 18th to the 20th century. If you want to experience a classic English city that beautifully merges history with modernity, Liverpool is where you need to go.

When to Go to Liverpool?

Summers are the busiest season in Liverpool. The temperatures are not harsh and are a bit on the cooler side. However, hotels are costly during these days, and it is not the ideal time for budget travelers or those who don’t like crowds.

Fall is the season if you want to have the city with the least tourists and the best hotel rates.

As a whole, hotels are expensive in this city, so the better option is to stay in a Liverpool Hostel which offers students better deals.

Attractions in Liverpool

Contrary to popular belief, there is much more in Liverpool than The Beatles, FC Liverpool, and the Anfield stadium. Here are the things you don’t want to miss on a trip to this port city of England.

Merseyside Maritime Museum

This museum documents the history of Liverpool all the way back to the 13th century when the city started as a fishing port. There are numerous exhibitions showcasing everything from artifacts related to seafaring in Liverpool to a tribute to the settlers who left England via Liverpool to populate the Americas.

Royal Albert Dock

A way to experience the past of Liverpool is this five-story building encircling the dock where tobacco, cotton, and sugar were once unloaded. It was the first British building to be built entirely from iron and red bricks.

Victoria Gallery and Museum

Housing everything from sculptures to ceramics and painting masterpieces by the likes of J.M.W Turner and Lucian Freud, this Museum, in the University of Liverpool, is the perfect destination for any art lover.


If the weather of England is not to your taste, the capital of Scotland is the place you want to go. This is the perfect city in the UK for a city escape. From the medieval old town to the Gregorian New town, this compact hilly city offers a lot.

When to Visit Edinburgh

The perfect time to visit Edinburgh is in the summer. Plan on going there between June and August. However, do not expect traditional hot summers as Scotland is situated so up north on the globe.

Attractions in Edinburgh

The whole city of Edinburgh is something to explore and experience. The things that you don’t want to miss are the following:

Edinburgh Castle

No tour to a Scottish town can be complete without going to a castle. This castle is built on the Castle Rock, a place with a rich history dating at least to the Iron Age.

Royal Mile

The Royal Mile is a series of streets connecting Edinburgh Castle to the Holyroodhouse. It has historically been the road for the processions of kings and queens for the last 500 years.

Arthur’s Seat

This is the highest peak in the vicinity of Edinburgh. You can get there via a 2-hour hike, and the views are mesmerizing.

To Sum it Up

The UK can be a perfect escape for students. It has a lot of places to visit, with the top being Liverpool, Edinburgh, and Cornwall. Experience culture and history in these cities to make up the most out of your trip.