This is a behind the scenes look into the life of New York City Ballet soloist Georgina Pazcoguin who has danced with the New York City Ballet since 2002 and was promoted to soloist in 2013.

We get a glimpse that is funny, gritty and sometimes shocking as we follow her story from small-town Pennsylvania to New York City. A member of the NYCB since she was 18, she shares her experiences and reveals everything about them. Ultimately she is a trailblazer for many girls who have followed her.

The book is made up of 12 vignettes that highlight her story and broken into four parts: Act One: The Gateway Drug (1989 – 2000), Act Two: Corps de Ballet (2001 – 2003), Act Three: If the Fates Allow (2003 – 2016), and Act Four: Flying Solo (2016 – present).

She is bold and crass, direct and the book is strewn with foul language so be prepared as it's not an easy book to read.

This is a great insight into her fight for equality. Her passion and love for ballet is clear to see.

This is an interesting book, humorous in places. I read it quickly and found it hard to put down. This is not a pretty look into the world of a professional ballerina.