In a statement, APCAP underlines that 2021 maintains the downward trend in accidents verified in 2020.

"Despite the increase in motor traffic in the APCAP concession network, in the period between January and September there were 2% fewer accidents than in the previous year", explains that association, adding that 7% less occurred in the same period this year.

APCAP also highlights the lower severity of accidents, with 7% fewer minor injuries, 9% fewer serious injuries and 15% fewer deaths until September this year compared to the same period in 2020.

"In addition to the recovery in traffic compared to 2020, with greater incidence in the third quarter, the decrease in accidents on our highways is also good news, which is a common concern and objective for all associates", stated the president of APCAP, António Nunes de Sousa, quoted in the statement.

The Portuguese Association of Concessionary Companies for Motorways or Toll Bridges brings together 24 concessionaires and sub-concessionaires of motorways and other main roads under concession on the mainland, Madeira and the Azores, covering a total of 3,630 kilometres.

The latest report by the National Road Safety Authority (ANSR) indicated that road accidents worsened in August with an increase of 42.5% in fatalities.

According to ANSR, in August there were 2,996 road accidents on Portuguese roads, causing 57 deaths, 217 serious injuries and 3,644 minor injuries.

The report also indicated that, between January and August, there were 17,668 accidents with victims on the continent, resulting in 242 fatalities, 1,261 serious injuries and 20,630 minor injuries.

According to ANSR, fatalities decreased by 5.5% (14% less) compared to the same period in 2020, but accidents with victims increased by 3.7% (629 more), serious injuries increased by 4.6% (plus 55) and minor injuries rose 4% (plus 784).