A move to Portugal brings some of the best opportunities for work and play, but selecting a school where your child will truly thrive isn't always easy. With teaching standards and educational styles varying from country to country, numerous parents struggle to find a high-quality school that meets their expectations.

Children themselves often have just as much difficulty navigating these unfamiliar education systems. Naturally, the more time a student spends adapting to new teachers and methods, the less time they have to learn, grow, and develop.

If you and your family have been feeling the strain when it comes to schooling abroad, you're not alone. Kiera, a mother who moves with her family every year or two, faced the same problems with her daughter. "Emily had to change lots of schools, and it was quite stressful," shares Kiera, "and the last few schools actually [weren't] good enough, and she really struggled there."

Educational troubles can quickly put a damper on an otherwise great life abroad, but there is one option that gives children access to consistently excellent learning no matter where they are in the world: online school.

With online schooling, students get the structure and stability they need, coupled with teaching quality parents can trust. From the UK to Portugal and beyond, these schools follow families on every new journey they take. Whether you're relocating for a new role, your child's own burgeoning career, or simply the beauty of travel, online education can be the perfect solution to school woes.

Kiera chose the leading UK-based online school, King's InterHigh, to support Emily through her education. The winner of the 2020 'Educational Establishment of the Year' award, King's InterHigh has 16 years of expertise in delivering a high-quality, fully online British curriculum to students around the world. All children need to get started is a computer, and internet connection, and two days to enrol.

Each school day at King's InterHigh, highly trained and passionate teachers deliver live, interactive lessons to students from Primary to Sixth Form. Whether they're exploring a virtual lab in Biology or listening to an immersive History lecture, students at the school work towards their IGCSEs and A Levels in a wide range of core and additional subjects — all without locational constraints.

Unlike the physical schools that struggled with digital teaching during the pandemic, this school is designed and optimized specifically for online learning, using proven methodology and innovative technologies for the most fulfilling education experience. Since King's InterHigh joined Inspired Education Group earlier this year, the school also gives students access to in-person learning opportunities, leveraging its new connection with over 70 schools across 50 countries.

This October, Kiera and Emily moved to a new country once again — but this time, there were no disruptions to Emily's education. As a student at King's InterHigh, Emily can continue studying the same subjects with the same exceptional teachers no matter how often she moves. Describing the school and its staff as "brilliant," Kiera has seen dramatic improvements in her daughter's wellbeing and progress since they found King's InterHigh. "She's less [stressed] now, she sleeps better, and her concentration's improved as well," says Kiera.

Emily is just one of many students who have benefitted from all King's InterHigh has to offer, with over 10,000 successful alumni graduating from the school to date. Alumnus Kieran Bjergstrom, for example, is now a doctor of Quantum Physics and Business with his own consultancy company. Kieran primarily joined King's InterHigh because he and his father travelled frequently for work, but he was also disengaged with the traditional school experience. "Whilst being academically capable," he explains, "it was difficult to keep me interested given the amount of wasted time in a normal school day."

King's InterHigh solved both problems, bringing Kieran an education that suited him everywhere he travelled. With a greater ability to finally "focus and get on with work," Kieran was able to progress in leaps and bounds. Skipping three academic years during his time at King's InterHigh, he began studying Theoretical Physics in university at the age of just 15. By 24 years old, Kieran had already earned his PhD — but the school has brought him more than just academic success.

At King's InterHigh, Kieran was also able to enjoy learning to the fullest, develop independence, and make a network of friends around the world. His favourite school project of all was a dramatic reading of The Importance of Being Earnest, which he describes as "a good social activity that brought some students out of their shells, and provided a common experience on which to build friendships."

King's InterHigh is dedicated to helping every learner become the hero of their own journey, no matter where they are in the world. With top-notch British teaching at your child's fingertips, your family will be free to embrace all the adventures Portugal has to offer without worrying about educational progress. "Go for it," says Kiera, who remains "very proud" to see her daughter thriving.

For a school that revolves around you, where every student's unique potential is nurtured and fulfilled, visit the King's InterHigh website to discover online study options or discuss admissions.