The working group, which will consist of elements from the General Directorate of Teaching Establishments and the General Directorate of School Administration, will collaborate directly with schools to assess concrete situations of need.

The measure was announced at the end of the presentation of a diagnosis of teacher needs from 2021 to 2030, by the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, which concludes that, as a result of the number of teachers who are expected to retire in the coming years, it will be necessary to hire a total 34,500 professionals by 2030/2031 to ensure that there is no shortage of teachers in schools.

However, the problem of lack of teachers is not a futuristic scenario, it is already seen in some schools, namely in the regions of Lisbon and Vale do Tejo and Algarve, and in specific subjects such as Computer Science, English, Portuguese and Geography, especially in 3rd cycle and secondary.

Therefore, the Ministry of Education will try to alleviate the problem with the creation of the 'task-force' to resolve the unfilled schedules, but the secretary of State recalled that the executive has been taking measures since 2015 to alleviate the problem, referring to recruitment reserves, which are now weekly, or the binding of 11,000 teachers in the last six years.