In a statement, ASAE states that "in recent weeks, it carried out an inspection operation, from the north to the south of the country, with the objective of verifying compliance with the rules established for the activity of restaurants and beverages, in order to ensure the protection of consumers, with a focus on making sushi and other dishes in which fish products are not fully cooked”.

ASAE stresses that “the fact that these meals are altered and include ingredients that are eaten raw increases the potential risk to which consumers are subject, making it urgent to ensure compliance with all hygiene and food safety requirements and an adequate analysis of the dangers, as well as the control of critical points”.

During the operation, called “SASHIMI”, “60 economic operators were inspected, with 25 administrative infraction proceedings being instituted, with the main infractions being the inexistence of a process or processes based on the principles of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Control of Critical Points), the violation of the general duties of the operator of the restaurant and beverage establishment and the lack of mere prior communication, among others”.

According to the statement, "the suspension of the activity of five establishments was determined, mainly for violation of the general duties of the operator of the establishment of restaurants and beverages".

ASAE guarantees that it will continue to develop inspection actions, "in favour of a healthy and fair competition between economic operators, and in the safeguarding of food safety and public health for consumers".