"In September we saw a big recovery in demand because the borders with Brazil and the United States were opened. We were very optimistic because the recovery was very good. In fact, in November – and now also in December – we are operating at 80 percent of the capacity of the flights we operated in 2019. These are good numbers", said Silvia Mosquera.

The official referred that the recovery was noticed, above all, "in the domestic market, and on trips to visit family and friends".

"Now, with these new cases of Covid-19, with the new variant, we are seeing that sales are, once again, stagnating a little. Flights are being cancelled, we had to cancel flights to Morocco, for the United States. This is not good news for us, the airline, or for the passengers. But, the priority is always health and safety. If that's what we can do for the best of all, we have to accept the measures," she added.