Algarve Rock craft Brewery have just released some of their beers that have been ageing for the last ten months in various casks. The first of the beers to be launched are their stouts that have been aged in barrels that previously had both Porto and Scotch Whisky in them, Kentucky Bourbon and Portuguese Red Wine. During this time, the stouts have developed unique individual aromas, and taste characteristics very different from each other.

The taste profiles impart both coffee and chocolate whilst developing some of the characteristics of the respective casks they have been stored in during the year. Even the individual Bourbon casks, one being from the Jim Beam and the other from the Wild Turkey brand, give off their distinct and different aromas and taste profiles that have help to create a stout that is easy to drink and very pleasant on the nose.

The range is limited to 200 bottles per cask and are presented in a very attractive 75cl bottle with wax seal on top and label and information card detailing the type of cask from which the stout came from and individualised bottle number.

These unique beers will make an ideal Christmas gift for those who appreciate good craft beer that can be enjoyed over the festive period whilst confident in the fact that the only ingredient added to them was Time!

The bottles will be available in select stores in the Algarve or available to purchase online at the Algarve Rock Online shop at or can purchased directly from the brewery in Faro.

For further information about Algarve Rock Brewery, please visit or call 289 815 218 or email