In a statement, Algar said that the project, which started in the fourth quarter of this year, covers certain areas in the municipalities of Faro (Quinta do Eucalipto and Gambelas), Loulé (Santa Catarina and Goncinha) and Lagos (Montinhos da Luz), covering a total of about 1,500 homes.

"For this purpose, three containers are being distributed per dwelling, with lids of different colours, which families must place at the door of their house, so that the waste is collected on specific days", the note reads.

According to the company responsible for the treatment and recovery of waste in the 16 municipalities of the Algarve, the RECICLA+ project is aimed at collecting the domestic flow of paper and cardboard, plastic and metal and glass packaging.

In places where containers are being distributed door-to-door, community recycling points will no longer be available, which will be relocated in the municipality, in locations previously agreed between the municipalities and Algar.

The project began in “areas mainly composed of single-family houses”, adds the company, noting that the initiative includes information, awareness and distribution of recycling containers.

The waste must be placed directly in the containers, without bags, and if incorrectly placed waste is detected, “their collection will not be carried out and the citizen will be informed of the respective reason, through a sticker stuck on the container”, says Algar.

"Each container is associated with accommodation, through the numbering of the equipment, which in the future will allow measuring the amount of selective waste produced and, eventually, may translate into savings on the bill, rewarding to those who best manage their waste".