This data is part of the monthly "red lines" monitoring report for Covid-19, which also shows that the risk of death for cases diagnosed in November, measured by mortality, was "three to five times lower in people with vaccination complete in relation to people without a complete vaccination schedule”.

In the population aged 80 and over, who were the first to be called back to vaccination centres after the summer, this study carried out by the General Directorate of Health and the Ricardo Jorge Institute attests that the booster dose reduces the risk of death by Covid-19 almost halved, compared to those who took “only” the two doses.

With regard to the risk of hospitalisation, the consolidation of data on admissions by vaccination status is only possible about two months after diagnosis. Thus, between October 1 and 31, 2021, "cases with a complete vaccination schedule appear to have a risk of hospitalisation approximately two to six times lower than unvaccinated cases."