According to a report from Pessoas, Fabamaq decided to open “the purse strings” and distribute an annual performance bonus to its workers, in order to compensate them for the work carried out in compliance with the roadmap established for the last twelve months.

In all, around 500,000 euros were awarded to the 217 employees of the company headquartered in Porto.

“The bonus was distributed to the 217 employees of Fabamaq. However, the amount allocated varied according to the position of employees in Fabamaq's career plan”, an official company source told Pessoas.

“It is very positive to close the year in this way, with another gesture of recognition for the work done by our gamers. We hope that the attribution of the bonus reinforces the focus on work aimed at achieving global goals and the roadmaps outlined, and contributes positively to the excellent team spirit experienced in the company", says João Maia, Fabamaq's chief operations officer, quoted in a statement.

Also within the scope of compensation and attribution of benefits, Fabamaq has also recently changed its system for attributing benefits, joining the Coverflex service. “With this change, the company intends to provide more flexible and diversified benefits that provide each gamer with a choice of benefits more adjusted to their individual needs and preferences”, explains the company.

The company ends the year giving bonuses to its staff and starts 2022 with vacancies for more staff with the company hoping to close 2022 with more than 250 employees.