The platform said in a statement that Mail, Transport and Logistics, Public Administration Services and Communications and TV and Media were the three categories with the most complaints in 2021.

According to the platform, 2021 was also marked by an increase in complaints about 'online' scams, the health sector and public services.

The five sectors with the most complaints registered are: Mail, Transport and Logistics; Services and Public Administration; Communications, TV and Media; IT, Technology and Sound and Water, Electricity and Gas.

The category Mail, Transport and Logistics remains the one that receives most complaints from the Portuguese, especially in the first quarter of the year, due to the pandemic.

"[...] The difficulties in delivering thousands of parcels that circulated around the country were felt by almost all the companies operating in this sector," the statement added.

After Easter and "with the return to normality of routines", the Complaint Portal has detected an increase in complaints in categories such as Sports, Gyms and Clubs and Culture, Leisure and Entertainment.

The five categories with the greatest variation compared to 2020 are Internet, Websites and Business (a 46% increase); Construction, Industry and Manufacturing (41%); Sports, Gymnasiums and Clubs (37%); Furniture, Decoration and Electrical Appliances (24%) and Culture, Leisure and Entertainment (19%).

The categories with the highest solution rate included: Water, Electricity and Gas; Mail, Transport and Logistics, Hyper and Supermarkets, Computers, Technology and Sound and Communications, TV and Media.

"The year that just ended demonstrated, once again, the important role we have in a new consumer reality. Today, the consumer is more attentive and demanding. The brands that work with us know this and are on the front line to provide better customer service. And the consumer knows that on our platform he can find real and unbiased information", observes Sónia Lage Lourenço, executive president of the Portal da Queixa.