According to a report by Publituris, the company Africa Land – Turismo e Natureza, Lda. intends to invest around €2 million in the creation of a zoological park and a five-star hotel in the municipality of Almodôvar (district of Beja).

The Africa Safari Park, planned for Herdade da Camacha, about seven kilometres from the town of Almodôvar, includes, according to the Environmental Impact Study (EIA), in public consultation until February 2, a 141.9 hectare zoological park, which will feature “animals typical of the African savannah”.

Among these, the promoters hope to have lions, tigers, Iberian lynx, giraffes, impalas, cheetahs and zebras, “21 specimens of carnivores and 65 specimens of herbivores”.

“As these animals will be acquired from certified zoos in the European Community, they will not need authorisation licenses”, reveals the company.

The other project planned for Herdade da Camacha is the Africa Safari Lodge, a five-star hotel whose construction has already begun.

The unit will initially consist of bungalows and will have a capacity for 72 beds, as well as a restaurant, bar, swimming pool, spa, and a room for events and conferences.

A veterinary clinic will also be created for the treatment of animals for “scientific and research activities”, a warehouse for food and feed and a quarantine building for animals, “in order to prevent the spread of diseases”.

The promoting company says it estimates the creation of "about 60 new jobs" through the project, which will have "positive effects" on the economy of the Alentejo municipality.