In a statement, the Guarda Nacional Republicana highlights that this tax inspection operation had the reinforcement of tobacco detection dogs from the Cinotechnic Intervention Group of the Intervention Unit.

As part of the operation, carried out by the Fiscal Action Unit (UAF) on 10 January in the districts of Lisbon and Setúbal, three customs infringement proceedings were drawn up for irregular introduction into tobacco consumption and a total of 50.8 kilograms of tobacco were seized, whose tax payment owed to the Portuguese State, in terms of the Special Tax on Tobacco Consumption and Value Added Tax (VAT) amounts to 10,800 euros.

The GNR highlihghted that the tobacco detection dogs started training at the end of 2020, based on a cooperation protocol signed between the Tax Action Unit, the Cinotechnic Intervention Group of the Intervention Unit and Tabaqueiera with a view to strengthening and combating the illicit trade in tobacco products.

According to the corporation, this is a pioneering project in Portugal that seeks to “be innovative in the eradication of counterfeit tobacco smuggling” in the country.