“Around 100 new employees are expected to be [recruited] throughout 2022. This estimate is for the 10 stores that are expected to open in 2022. In 2021, there were 17 stores and about 320 employees”.

Last year, the pizza delivery brand reached 150 stores, as part of the expansion plan in Portugal. “The opening of the 150th store took place in Fundão, in December, which led to 15 direct jobs, in what is the third store in the Castelo Branco district and which now serves entirely new areas”, says the brand, in a statement.

With these new openings, the restaurant chain increased the number of employees in the country to close to 3,000. “Many of the Telepizza workers are young students who combine studies with work, thus being able to have a source of income, as well as acquire skills from the training provided by the brand itself”, highlights the brand.