"We have to put the vacant buildings to use, we have to use the public ones and we have to use the private ones", said the councillor for Housing at the Lisbon City Council.

According to Filipa Roseta, who referred to data from recent surveys, there are almost 48,000 "empty houses in the county, which are not indicated either as main housing or secondary housing, with no housing function".

"It's a huge number. Our mission at the Municipal Council [of Housing] is to understand how we are going to invite the owners of these almost 48,000 houses to come to work with us ", stated Filipa Roseta.

The councillor stated, in response to questions from municipal deputies, that the Chamber is "doing their job" to "understand what these 48,000 dwellings are" and considered that the Municipal Housing Council, reactivated by this executive,"will be fundamental for this" and to "encourage private individuals to put their houses on the market".

"This is extremely important", considered the PSD councillor.

Filipa Roseta recalled that the Lisbon City Council owns 2,000 of these vacant houses and said that their rehabilitation and placement on the city's housing market are "the urgent mission" and "immediate responsibility" of the municipality.