“On January 19, 2022, specific mortality by COVID-19 recorded a value of 37.6 deaths in 14 days per 1,000,000 inhabitants, which corresponds to an increase of 47% compared to the last report”, indicates the document from the Directorate-General for Health (DGS) and the National Institute of Health Doutor Ricardo Jorge (INSA).

According to the “red lines”, the 47% indicate a “growing trend in the impact of the pandemic on mortality”.

Regarding the number of infected people hospitalized in Intensive Care Units (ICU), health authorities revealed a stable trend with 152 patients, corresponding to 60% (in the last week it was 64%) of the defined critical value of 255 occupied beds.

“The age group with the highest number of covid-19 cases hospitalized in ICU is 60 to 79 years old [81 cases in this group as of 01/19/2022], in which a decreasing to stable trend has been observed in the last week”, reads the report.

The “red lines” also mention that the proportion of positive tests for covid-19 in the last seven days was 15.5%, when it had registered 14.0% in the previous week, a value that remains above the 4.0% threshold, with an increasing trend.

The total number of tests carried out in the last seven days was 1,840,967.