António Costa has stated that the national minimum wage could exceed the threshold of 900 euros by 2026, therefore being above the amount promised by the socialists in the electoral programme presented for the 30th of January. “It may be possible to go further”, acknowledged the secretary general of the PS, in an interview with Rádio Renascença.

“We have seen with great satisfaction that many entrepreneurs say that we have to make a leap in relation to the minimum wage. I had a meeting with businessmen and some said that at least €1,000 should be the level of the national minimum wage”, said Costa, who stressed that the amount in question is set by the Government and does not depend on the “yes” of the bosses nor the unions.

“Our commitment is 900 euros, but obviously we would like that, in the agreement that is being negotiated in the Social Dialogue, [the minimum wage] could go further. If we can go further, we go further”.

The guaranteed minimum monthly remuneration is currently set at 705 euros, after having been updated by 40 euros between 2021 and 2022, without agreement from the social partners. The Government's goal for this legislature was to reach 750 euros by 2023, but the failure of the State Budget proposal for 2022 caused the anticipation of the elections and, consequently, called into question the fulfilment of this objective.