All those films on the internet where babies from vaccinated mothers shaking like parkinsons patients, where they pull a 20cm bloodclot out of the nose of a 10-year-old girl, where already over 130 healthy young footballplayers between 9 and 30-years-old dropped dead on the playing field, never happened before on such a scale

Last week in Queensland (a province in Australia) 3,000 nurses claimed to be ill because they did not want to lose their job and another 4,000 quit their job when the vaccination became mandatory (in a province where they have 0 covid infections at the moment).

Why? Because they see all those adverse reactions and they want to stay healthy and alive. When will people start opening their eyes and see what’s really happening.

Then Mr. Wiltshire says that Bill Gates’s quote, ‘depopulation by vaccination’ only indicates that if less people die when they are saved by a vaccine, people start taking less children. I would not be so proud defending Bill Gates at this very moment.

The country India is taking him to court due to the fact that after one of his experimental vaccination programmes a couple of years ago, tens of thousands of young girls died after taking that vaccine and the ones who survived it are paralized for life (not to talk about several african countries where Bill Gates and his vaccination experiments are banned for life).

I wish that was a conspiracy theory but unfortunately it is very true. How come the BBC and mainstream media is not talking about it? Well that has to do with media control. Bill Gates alone is sponsoring the BBC (which should be an independant state news agency) with tens of millions a year, so they are only promoting his vaccines.

The last 2 corona variants (how can you have a variant when the Covid-19 virus is still never isolated?) were named DELTA and OMICRON. Shuffle those 12 letters, put them in another sequence and you get the words MEDIA CONTROL). Another conspiracy theory or just a coincidence ?

Martin, Silves