Manuel Pinheiro told Lusa that production in the 2021/2022 season reached 84.9 million litres, above the 81.8 million registered in the previous year (increase of 3.7 percent).

The president of CVRVV, who will step down in April, added that, although the 2021 figures are not yet closed, it is already possible to say that last year the region reached an "export record".

According to Manuel Pinheiro, until November 2021, €73 million of exports were registered, "an increase of 6.9%" compared to the same period in 2020, which should lead to the exceeding of €74.3 million of total exports in 2020

"Vinho verde is exported to around 104 markets. The first are the United States and Germany. The United States is a very interesting market, with over 10 million litres, because it is a very diverse market, in which we are able to grow immensely".

In Germany, trade takes place more in "supermarkets", says Manuel Pinheiro, so the price is "a little lower", something that contrasts with Japan: "a high value market where we sell some of our best wines".

"Among the markets that have been moving, I would say positively, Poland, which has grown a lot, Russia also has grown a lot", he added, detailing that the Polish market grew 34%, from €3.8 million to €5.2 million.