In a statement, the Port of Lisbon said that between July and December 2021 a total of 97 cruise ship calls were recorded, of which 57 were in transit, 27 in 'turnaround' (ships departing from and arriving in Lisbon and not just making a call) and 13 in 'interporting' (cruises that embark or disembark passengers at various ports along the route they are making).

Quoted in the statement, the member of the Board of Directors of APL Ricardo Medeiros welcomes the results achieved "in a context of pandemic and great uncertainty and adversity".

"Alongside the protocols, the distinction of the Lisbon Cruise Terminal with the 'Clean and Safe 2021' seal also provided confidence and security for ships, passengers and cruise crew, essential factors in this pandemic context," he justifies.

According to the Port of Lisbon, throughout 2021 this port infrastructure received 15 ships in first call, and of these five were making their first voyage after leaving the shipyard and two on their maiden voyage.

"Most of these ships deserve special mention, as they feature new environmental technologies that contribute to the decarbonisation of maritime transport. Equipped with shore-to-ship energy connection, powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG), or having hybrid engines or exhaust gas cleaning systems and advanced waste water treatment systems, among other equipment, these ships represent the latest generation of cruise shipping," it indicates.

The Port of Lisbon's administration also points out that "notwithstanding the fact that the 2021 results interrupted a cycle of more than 20 years in successive growth, it managed to win the award for best cruise port in Europe for the sixth consecutive year.

"After the devastating impact of the pandemic on cruise activity at the Port of Lisbon, APL is optimistic and hopes to recover in the coming years, aiming for a progressive and sustained resumption of cruise activity in Lisbon in the future," he said.

Cruise ship activity at the Port of Lisbon resumed in July 2021, having received 115,984 passengers and 69,452 crew members between then and December.