"There are still very few inclusive playgrounds for children with disabilities, which leads to obvious discrimination: children with disabilities are denied their right to play in playgrounds, so they end up having to watch other children play," said the councillor of the Left Bloc (BE), signatory of the proposal.

In a public meeting of the municipal executive, the BE proposal was unanimously made possible for the council to carry out an assessment, in conjunction with the parish councils, of the conditions of the playgrounds, which includes the conditions of accessibility to the park and the equipment.

Another of the points of the proposal determines "a schedule, in articulation with the parish councils, which includes the adaptation of playgrounds to children with disabilities" and the adaptation of the area surrounding playgrounds to people with disabilities, namely through reserved parking, lowered floor and adequate pavement.

Also at the heart of the BE proposal, the municipal executive unanimously decided to relaunch the municipal award "Human Rights for Children and Youth", to support and distinguish the best projects to be developed by crèches (nurseries), kindergartens and primary and secondary schools, in the application of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

"In the current moment of the world, where regional conflicts and wars are increasing, where there is disrespect for human rights in various parts of the world, the celebration of human rights is fundamental. Even more so, when racist, xenophobic and misogynistic voices are increasingly occupying the public debate", reinforced the BE.

Unanimously, the executive also approved a proposal by the Councillor for Culture, Diogo Moura (CDS-PP), for the cooperation agreement for the constitution of the network of public libraries in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area (AML), which allows the municipality "access to 586 thousand euros from the PRR [Recovery and Resilience Plan]", the allocation of 126 computers for public use in the city's 18 libraries and the loan of books between AML libraries.

The proposal of the Councillor for Culture was also made possible for the beginning of the procedure for the elaboration of the General Regulation of the Lisbon Library Network, since the one in force dates back to 1931, "so it is necessary to create a set of appropriate rules for access to the services provided, the protection of personal data, to the sustainability requirements of our society, along with the necessary updating of language and other content".

The chamber also approved the acceptance, without compensation for the municipality, of the donation of several pieces to integrate the collection of the MUDE museum, which "will open at the end of the second quarter", pointed out councillor Diogo Moura.