According to data from the Information System for Death Certificates (SICO), in January of this year 11,602 people died, just over half (59%) of the number in January of last year, when records were broken for new maximums of deaths almost daily.

The data show that in January this year 8,050 fewer people died than in the same month last year and that this year there was only excess mortality on about half of the days of the month.

Regarding the "type of death", SICO data show that, in January, the majority (88.1%, 10,227) were considered natural, 1,252 (10.7%) were subject to investigation and 96 (0.8 %) was due to external causes.

Regarding the place of death, the majority (63.7%, 7,394) died in a health institution, 2,465 at home and 1,669 elsewhere. In about 100 cases the place of death is unknown.