In a statement, the GNR states that the “RoadPol - ECR Veículos Pesados” operation, which takes place between today and Sunday throughout the mainland, will focus on the roads with the highest volume of traffic of this type of vehicle.

With this operation, GNR intends to improve road safety, sustainability, competition and working conditions in road transport, by complying with existing regulations.

“It is also intended to raise awareness of society, especially economic operators engaged in the transport of goods and passengers by road, to the importance of adopting safer behaviours by their professional drivers, with a view to promoting road safety and the safeguarding of human lives”, underlines the GNR.

The GNR highlights that between 2019 and 2021, in the area of ​​its responsibility, there were 15,659 accidents with heavy vehicles, resulting in 142 deaths and 345 serious injuries.

Euro Contrôle Route (ECR) is a European Transport Inspection group, which aims to improve road safety and sustainability, fair competition and working conditions in road transport, and RoadPol is an organisation established by the police traffic system in Europe that aims to improve road safety and compliance with road rules.

The GNR recalls that the increase in competition in the road transport sector “makes it more susceptible to irregularities, to the detriment of road safety” and that fatigue is “the main risk factor that affects professional drivers as a result of non-compliance driving and rest times”.