This conversation with Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa about the advantage of holding a new meeting with experts was mentioned by António Costa in statements to journalists in São Bento.

At the end of this week, or at the beginning of the next, according to the prime minister, the Government “will have the opinion of the different experts who have supported the executive” in terms of combating and controlling Covid-19.

These experts “are considering what changes should be introduced in view of the evolution of the covid-19 pandemic”, he declared, alluding to the possibility of some restrictions being lifted soon.

However, immediately afterwards, António Costa made a reservation and invoked his own experience with the infection of covid-19.

The prime minister ended a seven-day period of isolation on Tuesday, after being infected with the virus that causes covid-19.

“Let no one underestimate the disease, because, even when the symptoms are not severe – I didn't have a fever, nor great difficulties – there is one thing that I have no doubts about: the level of tiredness was extremely high. And today I don’t feel fully recovered to go running eight kilometres,” he noted.

After these words, António Costa called for vaccination and “maintenance of all individual protection precautions”.

“It is an appeal that I make now with my own experience, not knowing what consequences it will have in the future. Even in countries that have been lifting legal restrictions, they have kept individual responsibility in risk management,” he added.