Jangaard, one of Norway's largest cod producers, won the Guinness World Records™ title: Largest in Bacalhau in the World (Largest cod), with the support of Norwegian Cod.

The Guinness World Records™ title: Largest Bacalhau in the World was officially awarded in Lisbon by Richard Stenning, Guinness World Records Adjudicator, who delivered the Official Certificate to Gunnar Haagensen, Board Chairman of Jangaard.

“The origin of Bacalhau is very important to attest to its quality, but on this occasion, in addition to its unique characteristics at this level, it is important to mention that its size was a differentiating factor. The Biggest Bacalhau in the World travelled from Norway to receive this title in Portugal, because, as we know, no one knows this fish better than the Portuguese!”, said Gunnar Haagensen, Board Chairman of Jangaard.

According to Johnny Thomassen, Director of the Norwegian Seafood Council for Portugal, an organization that represents Norwegian fish exporters and whose main objective is to promote the consumption of the best seafood products, “Norway and Portugal are very different countries, but they share more than it may seem. Norwegians fish and produce the best cod, but it is the Portuguese who prepare it in an exemplary way and turn it into a treasure of flavour and memories of moments spent at the table, with family and friends.”

After the official ceremony, the Largest Bacalhau in the World will be donated to Comunidade Vida e Paz, a leading organisation in the creation and promotion of responses to the needs of homeless or vulnerable people, who will prepare a meal of Bacalhau à Brás for its users.

The Largest Bacalhau in the World was caught, sustainably, between January and April 2021, off the coast of Lofoten, having subsequently gone through the traditional curing process.

The Portuguese consume about 70,000 tons of Bacalhau per year, that is, 20 percent of all the cod that is caught. As for its origin, 70 percent of all cod consumed in Portugal is cod from Norway.