Blogger Kyle Kusch planned the trip that was once the longest train journey in the world, here we detail the basics if you fancy this journey!

The adventure begins in Porto, at Campanhã Station, where you take the train. If you don't live in Porto, take the opportunity to take a walk and get to know the surroundings. From Porto you head to the city of students, Coimbra.

From Coimbra to Hendaye, France

From here you take the train to Hendaye, a French city. This trip lasts about 12 hours.

Continue the train journey from Hendaye to Paris

After another 6 hours and 23 minutes on the train, you arrive in the city of love, Paris. In the French capital, you have to take the metro to Paris Nord and then take the train again to the next destination.

From Paris Nord to Cologne, Germany - the next travel destination

This trip lasts 3 hours and 14 minutes. In Germany, you can visit Cologne Cathedral, a Gothic-style Catholic church. It is the fifth tallest church in the world. Take the opportunity to visit the Museum Ludwig, a museum of modern art.

From Cologne to Warsaw, Poland

A journey of 11 hours and 57 minutes takes you to Warsaw, the capital of Poland.

Feel like a king or queen at the Royal Castle in Warsaw, an ancient palace that you can visit. This castle symbolizes Polish history. Take the opportunity to eat at a Polish restaurant, at Motowska 69, where you can enjoy everything from snacks to main dishes.

Follow the train route from Warsaw to Moscow, Russia

To get to Moscow, the fastest way is through Minsk, Belarus, but the bureaucracy is very complicated. Therefore, the alternative path is through Lithuania and Latvia.

In Moscow, you can take the opportunity to go to the Cathedral of Saint Basil, which has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

From Moscow to Beijing, China

The trip from Moscow to Beijing takes 6 days. In Moscow, take the mythical train known as the Trans-Siberian.

This is the longest railway track in the world with over 9000 kilometres connecting Europe and Asia. Traveling on this train is a unique experience in which you have the opportunity to see charming places, beautiful landscapes and learn about new cultures.

Trans-Siberian travel

In Beijing you have to change stations to go to the next destination. However, China is a country that currently has tourism travel banned and travel requirements quite strict.

From Beijing to Hanoi, Vietnam

From Beijing to Hanoi it takes about 55 minutes.

Finally, cross by train from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh

Another 33 hours and 10 minutes later, you reach the end of this long and beautiful journey. You will arrive in Ho Chi Minh, the old city of Saigon.