In a message on Twitter, the ministry led by Augusto Santos Silva expressed solidarity with Ukraine, saying it was "aligned" with a statement by the European Union (EU) diplomat chief, Joseph Borrell, on the diplomatic situation with the Russia.

"The EU condemns the use of heavy weapons and the indiscriminate bombing of civilian areas, which constitute a clear violation of the Minsk agreements and international law".

The EU has expressed "unwavering support" for Ukraine and expressed great concern about the increase in Russian military presence around Ukraine, calling for a substantial withdrawal of military forces and to embark on the path of diplomacy.

The West and Russia are currently experiencing a period of intense tension, with the Moscow regime being accused of concentrating at least 150,000 troops on Ukraine's borders, in an apparent preparation for a potential invasion of the neighbouring country.

Moscow denies any war intention and claims to have withdrawn part of the contingent from the area.