“Today and Wednesday we will have temperatures between 20 and 24 degrees Celsius in the northern and central coastal regions, in the south they can reach 25 degrees and in the interior between 20 and 22 degrees, but then from Thursday temperatures will go down by three to five degrees or even six degrees”, she said.

According to Cristina Simões, today and Wednesday clear or cloudy skies are expected, with no chance of rain.

“Temperatures are high and the trend is to gradually rise over these two days,” she added.

As for minimum temperatures, the meteorologist adds that they will continue in the coming days to be between 2 and 4 degrees in the interior and 8 to 10 degrees on the coast.

From Thursday, according to Cristina Simões, a drop in maximum temperature is expected and precipitation is expected in the southern region.

“Due to the influence of this depression, there is a possibility of showers, but it is not a very significant precipitation in relation to a regression of the state of drought, but we have the possibility of some precipitation that will not go away”, she said.

According to Cristina Simões, on Thursday the possibility of precipitation is greater in the southern region and on Friday it is more generalised.

The IPMA forecasts for today on the continent generally clear skies, increasing cloudiness due to high clouds in the Southern region from the end of the afternoon, light to moderate wind from the east quadrant.

The minimum temperatures will fluctuate between 0 degrees (in Bragança) and 13 (in Faro) and the maximum between 17 degrees Celsius (in Guarda) and 25 (in Setúbal).